Dear Mark & Priscilla

All Roads Lead to Rome

Max will be walking and talking in about a year.  You won’t wake her up and say, “These are your ten words for the day.”  You won’t grab her legs and start moving them to get her to walk.  She will start walking and talking all by herself.  In fact if you try too hard to help her with these milestones, you will just get in the way.  If Mom speaks Cantonese or Spanish and Dad speaks English, Max will be fluent in two languages by the time she is three.  Take a moment and think how miraculous that is – Mark you know firsthand how complicated it is to get even a basic understanding of Mandarin – yet she will do it effortlessly if you offer her a home environment rich with her mother (and father) tongue.

This is how Montessori education works.  A prepared environment, rich with developmentally…

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