DVMS Toddler Community Update: Dec. 7, 2015

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Happy December to you. It is hard to believe we only have two weeks left of school before our winter break and only two weeks left in our first term together.
To celebrate all of the holidays that December brings we have added many holiday activities in the classroom. We have a small tree that the children can decorate and undecorate, winter/holiday items to sort, holiday nomenclature materials and lots of holiday crafts. We also have winter wear in a basket so the children can practice putting on and taking off winter clothes. Next week we intend to add snowpants to the basket so they can practice this. Snowpants are challenging…
We know that families celebrate many different holidays and in all sorts of different ways. We want to be inclusive so we welcome you to share the special way you celebrate and we will work to find ways to support that in our classroom work. In general we keep our acitivities very broadly festive (no Santa discussions, non-religious, etc.).
There will be many changes in the next couple of weeks – family members visiting, parties, decorating in your house, etc., along with all the colds and illnesses that come with new people and new routines. We request that you share anything that may be happening at home that is different from your normal routine. Even the smallest changes can impact your child. We keep our environment and routine very stable and so we notice when your child is acting a bit differently and often wonder if something is different at home. If we know that something has changed at home we can help and support your child through it and understand how that changes their behaviour at school. We can also let you know what we are observing and support you as your child adapts.

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