Three Montessori Christmas Parables

All Roads Lead to Rome

Parable 1

Jimmy loves to play with blocks and Lego, but after seeing the ads for the $150.00 Stars Wars Yoda action figure, he pleads with his Mom to buy it. Being the ‘hot’ toy of the season, she spends two weeks searching and finally ends up driving to Buffalo. He plays with it for 20 minutes on Christmas Day. For the next year it sits on his shelf gathering dust. The next Christmas she buys him Popsicle sticks and a glue gun.

Lesson: Follow the child.

Parable 2

To limit consumption, a large family draws names for gifts. The family has quite divergent financial resources as one sister married into a very wealthy family while a younger sister is still in university. On Christmas morning the wealthy family gives a complete kitchen renovation. The younger sister gives a toque.

Lesson: Freedom within limits.

Parable 3

The parents of two…

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