DVMS Toddler Community Update: Feb. 1, 2016

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We have had a wonderful week in the Toddler Community. All the new children have really settled in and we have enjoyed a week of purposeful activity, very few tears, and lots of bathroom success. When folding the laundry on Wed-Fri we silently celebrated accident free days. We are so proud of your children and all that they do.

This week, we wrapped up our January activities and said goodbye to the barn that has been with us since September. On Monday the children will find the barn replaced with a three floor wooden dollhouse with furniture and people to go with it. This new language activity will, we are sure, bring excitement and new vocabulary to all our young people. We also retired our winter-themed art and psycho-motor activities and replaced them with all things hearts and eggs and a few Chinese New Year bits. Fingers crossed we are on our way to spring – although winter has hardly been anything to be angry about.

On Friday, we made French toast and fruit salad and had a very gourmet snack. There were many discussions about French toast eating at home and how much everyone enjoys maple syrup. This activity was one that all the children enjoyed and was especially good for practicing their fruit cutting and egg cracking skills.

We sent home work folders on Friday; please remove your child’s work and send the folder back to be refilled. We send work home once a month for you to see what paper work your child has been up to. Should your child not have anything in their work folder (in that case we won’t send it home), do not worry – paper work accounts for a very small portion of the activities in the classroom.

All the best this week,
Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.

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