Toddler Community Update: Feb. 8, 2016

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What a lovely first week of February. We had perfect attendance this week until Friday and all thoroughly enjoyed our new activities on the shelf.

From the pictures, you will see that we added several new language activities to the environment. As you know, from our language Parent Education Evening ;), it is important for our language materials to be able to manipulated sensorially — for the children to see, feel, smell, taste (if possible), and listen to the materials in the activity, and for the materials to be real (when possible). With our new sleepwear activity, the children are getting an opportunity to put on and take off two piece and one piece pyjamas, a nightgown, slippers, and night cap, and with our hair care activity the children get the chance to try out curlers, hairbands, clips, and elastics. The children are enjoying all of this work and we, as adults, are having so much fun watching them experience these new materials.

Some of our older children were shown washing linens this week and are doing all the laundry for the practical life area (small cloths, mitts, and aprons). Fire truck and fire fighter puzzles are the focus of a lot of puzzling work, we received new instruments from the school’s music teacher, and red dominates our art work.

A great week.

Wishing you another one in the week ahead,

Kate, Kristy, & Lisa

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