DVMS Toddler Community Update: Feb. 22, 2016

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It has been an interesting week in the Toddler Community with Kate out with her ankle injury at the beginning of the week and then hobbling around on Thursday and Friday. Luckily, we had our wonderful supply teacher, Christine, in to fill Kate’s roll and the children carried on with little disruption. The children were very kind to Kate when she returned and didn’t seem to notice the big boot on her foot.
We added a new shelf on our PD day last week and moved a few things around in class, giving the children some more work surfaces and better access to the materials. It has been interesting to watch the children spread out a bit and use materials they had previously overlooked. Hammering has become of interest to many of the children as well as many of the children returning to earlier psycho-motor materials that they hadn’t touched in a while.
The big news from this week is that Nathaniel’s family welcomed a little brother last weekend. The baby name is still pending but mom, dad and baby are doing great and Nathaniel carries on in class as if nothing has changed. We made muffins for the family on Friday and we invite anyone who is interested and able to send food their way in the coming weeks. As usual, please drop the food to us and we will pass on the food at pick up time. We are sure they would appreciate any and all donations.
Of course, the highlight of the week has been all the snow outside. The children have enjoyed making snowpeople and sliding down our back hill. We’ve sent you pictures of their snowtime fun.

All the best this week,
Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.

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