DVMS Toddler Community Update: March 7, 2016

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We had a bit of an odd week with the snow day right in the middle of it (not that we are complaining about our one and only snow day this year!). The week felt like two little weeks with a lot of people still away battling illnesses or for doctor’s appointments in each.

Once the snow did arrive, we had a great time playing in our playground out back, especially sliding down the big hill and rolling around in the snow. Snow makes a world of difference to the toddlers’ enjoyment of their outside time. Suddenly, no one seemed to mind the cold so much and loved all the activity that comes with the snow.

We also visited with a new puppy and made banana muffins, had some rocking dance parties, and settled in our new round, red rug.

All the best on this last week before March break,
Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.

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