DVMS Toddler Community Update: April 11, 2016

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We are very excited to see you all this coming Thursday. We have been busy this week preparing and have taken some time to get some great videos of your children busy at work. Meeting with you and spending some time discussing your wonderful children is a highlight for us and we look forward to seeing you all. This interview will really be about your questions and concerns so please come with your list ready and we will do our best to help in any way we can. Please remember that full day children will need to be picked up at 2:30 on Thursday from the toddler back garden. On Friday we will be in the school but there will be no care for the toddlers — hopefully you all are able to get out and do something fun together.

We will be attempting our new full day pick up starting on Monday. Unless there is another big snow (*sob*) we will be dismissing from our back toddler garden. We are looking forward to this pick up being more relaxed and giving us more time to chat.

As we prepare for nine of the toddler community students to move up to Casa in September we now look for natural moments for the toddlers to visit the Casa classrooms during their daily routine. Flower arranging has become a big focus in our class as the children arrange flowers and then deliver them to other classes in the school. We also do the school laundry every day and the toddlers are in charge of delivering the clean laundry. In the coming weeks and months there will be more and more of these natural moments, helping the toddlers become more comfortable moving out of their small environment into the school at large.

You may see your child’s comfort level increase in new social situations as they become more and more comfortable with new experiences and new people. We encourage you to facilitate this self-confidence and allow your child to have some responsibilities outside of the home. Some suggestions for this include: inviting your toddler to order their own food (that you have helped pick) and drinks at restaurants, having them choose and carry some of your groceries at the grocery store, helping you pick out a birthday present for a friend and carry it to the car, etc. The children will naturally want to do these things so make it possible for them to succeed by giving them limits and allowing them to shine within those limits. We constantly want to encourage our children’s abilities and independence within the scope of them being able to be successful, while we still continue to maintain strong boundaries and discipline. As your child is more independent at home, we now want to help them to learn independence and appropriate behaviour in public.

We have fewer pictures this week as we have been busy video recording — you’ll see the results on Thursday.

All the best,

Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.

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