DVMS Toddler Community Update: May 2, 2016


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We hope you are all enjoying the new Seesaw app we started using this week. If you haven’t started using it we really encourage you to give it a try and see all the great pictures and videos we are posting everyday. If you’ve lost your access paper, please let us know and we will get you another one. This access paper will let both parents sign up so please share with your partner.

Kristy and Kate spent Friday nap time changing out our April materials for new May materials — aquatic animals are out and reptiles are in; we’ve added a great activity with sports equipment and a first aid kit filled with first aid tools. All will be used in our language area. We also added some great spring time puzzles, arts and crafts, and language cards. On Friday, we sent home your child’s work folder and encourage you to take a look, remove all the art, and send back the folder for the end of this month.

Many grandparents popped their heads in to say “Hi” on Friday during Grandparents’ Day. One grandparent asked if we set the table for snack like we did every day or just for show on Grandparents’ Day. Most grandparents that snuck a peak were amazed at all that your children were doing independently.

Most importantly this week, one of our toddler community students has been diagnosed with Fifths Disease. Here is the Hamilton Public Health Services note about Fifths Disease, please read and take note.


Two important things to remember with Fifths Disease:

1) If it is possible that you or someone you know may be pregnant and exposed to Fifths Disease, please seek out medical attention and get a blood test to see if you are immune. Fifths Disease can be very bad for the fetus.

2) Once your child shows the Fifths Disease rash (commonly on cheeks) they are no longer contagious and may attend school. We would remind you, however, that should your child be running a fever they must stay home until 24 hours after the fever has subsided. We have had situations where children have returned to school prior to their fever ending and this has not only meant a difficult day for the sick child, but it also exposed all our toddlers and the larger DVMS community to the illness. We are very diligent about cleaning in the toddler community and do extra cleaning when children are sick, but we appreciate quarantining the germs at home as much as possible.

We are all excited for May at DVMS. We are starting our planting in the back garden and are slowly preparing for our garden party on May 27 — more information to come.

We wish you all the best in your week ahead,

Kate, Kristy, Lisa.


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