DVMS Toddler Community Update: May 25, 2016

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We hope you all had lovely long weekends enjoying the outside and the gorgeous weather.

A few notes after our first day back:

Please remember to sunscreen your child before school. When we go out at 10:30 we won’t be reapplying unless you let us know it will be necessary or we see that they are getting pink. Also, please remember to send a hat and, when possible, light long sleeves and pants for coverage.

We ask that you send your child in closed-toed outdoor shoes (Keen type sandals are great). As our outdoor space has a mulch and pebble floor, opened toed shoes are dangerous, not to mention — frustrating — as opened toed shoes tend to fill up with mulch.

Finally, we are very excited to see everyone on Friday, May 27, at 2:45-3:45 for our Toddler Garden Party for parents and grandparents. Please rsvp to toddler@dvms.ca for all that will be attending for your family so we can get numbers for snacks and space. We invite you to bring a picnic blanket with you if you have one as tables and chairs will be limited.

All the best in your week ahead,

Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.

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