DVMS Toddler Community Update: June 6, 2016

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We hope you enjoyed the incredible weekend. We had a full week in our Toddler Community last week: the beautiful weather, together with caring for the bunnies and the anticipation of Kate departing on her adventure made it a very speedy week.

With only three weeks left of school there is a general hum of activity in the environment that is quite pleasant to see. At times, all the children are working away and assisting each other as if the guides are not even present. It is a beautiful sight indeed.

Christine Komarnycky is here in the mornings to help out while Kate is away. All of the children are quite familiar with Christine and we are very lucky to have her join us until the end of school.

As we wind up over the next couple of weeks, we remind everyone to lather on the sunscreen in the morning (we will re-apply in the afternoons) and to send hats. A few parents have asked for the recipe of our homemade sunscreen. I hope to get that out to everyone this week.

Enjoy this glorious Spring weather.

Kristy, Lisa, and Christine!



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