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Hello DVMS Community,

As you may know, a young boy from the Lower Elementary world (6-9 years-old) broke his leg earlier this week. He is home now but is beginning summer vacation in a full leg cast and will be non-weight-bearing for six weeks. 🙁

The family is asking if anyone can suggest favourite audio books, book series, family movies, or any creative (non-iPad) ideas to keep him happy and occupied in the next six weeks.

If you have any suggestions, please respond in the comments section below this post so that the family can follow along.

Thank you so much.

11 thoughts on “The Broken Leg Page

  1. Carla Hudecki

    Our boys love Catan Junior (board game). Even our 11 year old finds it a very fun game. There is an older kid version as well.

    Perplexus is a good personal activity (a ball with a built in maze). A few different levels – probably start with junior.

    The boys also love guess who and apples to apples (board games too).

    Hope this helps. Will post more as I think of things.

  2. ouacstcatharines

    Our family worked our way through The Little House on the Prairie tv series one episode at a time last yr. on Friday nights. They loved it! It is a wholesome, family show, with some great life lessons & shoes life as it was in the pioneer days! Could do one or two episodes a day?! I would be willing to lend the complete series.

    Drawing! Can do indoors or outdoors! Could get a few fresh blank sketch pads & some good coloured pencils…also a ‘how to draw/cartoon’ book and/or there are lots of tutorials on youtube or even an on-line drawing course for kids. I have a few fun & simple drawing games my kids always like to play as well (just need a partner .. or two)…Happy to share details..& Georgia said she’d come over and draw!

    Knitting! My daughter Georgia is same age and loves to knit. It doesn’t already turn out perfect, but she likes it & it passes the time. Simple scarves or face clothes are really easy & make great Christmas gifts for her/him to give!

    Painting. Dollar store canvases & paint. Again, he could start churning out some inspired works of art to give as Christmas gifts to grandparents, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, teachers, etc.

    Books & magazines .. Levi has a couple of sports themed books he’d be happy to lend as Levi mentioned he is into sports!) Work way through a good long throwback series…ie. Hardy Boys or Box car Children

    Banagrams! It’s a super fun, quicker version of Scrabble…& you can play it anywhere (just need a table top!) It’s fun & great for work building/spelling skills.

    Hope this helps! Holly

  3. Carla Borstad Klassen

    another vote for banana grams! Also the Harry Potter series on audiobook is really great, super well done.

  4. Isabel

    Remy recommends the Percy Jackson and any other Rick Riordan series. Our whole family gets into doing the 1000 piece puzzles, doing just sections at a time. We also love playing monopoly. To play on his own, two games from Thinkfun: Gravity Maze and Tipover are great games. Lots of fun to be had!

  5. Maggie Larché

    We have just read Wonder by Palacio.
    Not sure if it’s available on audiobooks but it is fabulous. Loads of life lesssons around empathy and tolerance.
    Fin and Tristie love the DIY YouTube videos for arts and crafts.
    Great family game Telestrations. We could lend it for you to try out.
    Hope he has a speedy recovery without too much boredom.

  6. Janey Marshall

    David listens to”James and the Unbreakable Code ” over and over. It’s by Stephen Hawkins and very science based. …but in a fictional narrative. It’s an audio book
    ” Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop” Audio book
    Ted Ed Kids – it’s a video but very educational

    Also, when David was in Casa, his school mate broke her leg and he spent a lot of days pulling her around on our radio flyer. Sometimes they had binoculars , sometimes a camera etc.

  7. Lindsay

    There is a board game called Labyrinth that we love. Finnley is 6 and loves it.
    It’s a game the whole family actually enjoys.
    We found ours at Mastermind.

  8. Heather Vaughan

    Thank you so much for all your ideas! I will be referring to it over the next few weeks. If you think if anything else please post again. Your time and thoughtfulness in doing this is so appreciated.

  9. Mairi Achong

    Brickworks Academy runs one week summer camps out of Mohawk College, which I think should be wheelchair accessible. The camps look really cool – lego and robotics.

    I will repeat the plugs for Catan and Bananagrams!

    Book series: Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan, How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell (very different from the movies and tv), Magyk by Septimus Heap (Angie Sage), The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart, Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.


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