March Break Reminders

Good Morning DVMS Community,

We have a few reminders for you as we head into the March Break:

  • Try Before You Buy Hot Lunch:

  • Our hot lunch provider, The Lunch Lady, is once again offering a “Try-Before-You-Buy” day for families that may be interested having their children join the hot lunch program (or just don’t want to make a lunch for one day). “Try-Before-You-Buy” will take place on Tuesday, March 27 (just after we come back from March Break).If you would like to sign up for this day, please do so no later than the evening of Sunday, March 25, by completing this online form.They will be enjoying homemade Mac and Cheese with steamed vegetables. You can always view the current month’s hot lunch menu, and sign up for hot lunch, by visiting this page at

  • Lost and Found:

As we do at  the end of every term, we will be donating any unlabeled lost and found items to charity at the end of this week. Please take a few minutes to look for long lost items — we’ve got lots of lonely, single gloves and mittens, a nice collection of water bottles, and a pile o’ snow pants, as well as the regular jackets and sweaters. Items are laid out in the front hallway for perusal.

  • Online Immunization Reporting:

When you enrol at DVMS you are required to submit your child’s immunization records, which we are then required to submit to Hamilton Public Health every September.

When your child has additional immunizations, Hamilton public Health requires you to submit the updated information directly to them. Online immunization reporting is now available through Hamilton Public Health, and is designed as an alternative to keeping track of the hard copy immunization record (that yellow thing that you remember putting somewhere once so that you wouldn’t lose it).

How to Report Immunization Records

Immunization reporting is now available online.

Click here to visit the Hamilton Public Health Services Online Immunization Reporting website.

  • Main St. West Eastbound Lane Repairs:

As some of you may have noticed this morning, the City is repairing the eastbound lanes of Main St. West, from Cootes Dr. to the 403 overpass. This will (is) causing considerable traffic issues on Main St., heading back into Hamilton from Dundas. The alternative routes will be busy too, but Sydenham or York Rd. are alternatives out of Dundas and into Hamilton. Click here for York Rd. map. Click here for Sydenham map.

  • Toddler Kate, and more!, at Strata Café this Friday:

Finally, head into March Break by starting your Friday with a trip to the weekly Strata Café. This week, DVMS Toddler Community guide, and all around Montessori virtuoso, Kate Millie will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the Montessori Toddler Community and DVMS, and how to sync Montessori and home environments. Kate is also Casa-trained and is happy to answer more general questions about Montessori education.

Also, as you will have seen from the Strata students themselves:

Dear DVMS and Strata Parents,
In our literary studies this month we looked at Gord Downie’s book, The Secret Path. The book is a series of ten poems written as songs, about a 12 year old Aboriginal boy who died trying to escape a residential school. The students took on different meaningful projects to learn about the issues behind residential schools, to try to make change. Some kids wrote letters to parliament, some to Gord Downie’s family thanking him for his work, there were models and painting’s made as well as songs which will be performed by students this Friday. The visual work will be presented in a gallery exhibit.
Some of the students have formed a band called STICKY RICE and we will be playing for the second half of the café.
We hope to be able to share these projects with you this Friday.
Our café Is located at 575 Lions Club road, Dundas ON and takes place from 8:30AM to 10AM. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact Leif or Remy by email at or give us a call at 905-296-6416.

Have a fabulous March Break everyone. Enjoy the trips, and bask in the time to relax at home with your great kids. We’re back to Montessori-ing on Monday, March 26.

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