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An Interview with Frans and Ida


Ida observing some Montessori Racks and Tubes math work.

Frans Van Leeuwen, from Holland, and Ida Arnesen,  from Norway,  are visiting Dundas Valley Montessori School for two weeks as part of their training at the Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani (International Centre for Montessori Studies Foundation) in Bergamo, Italy. They are observing in our Elementary program.

They were kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions about their training, Montessori, and how they came to observe in Canada

Note: in the transcription of their interview I tried to retain a degree of their accents so you hopefully hear their individual voices in text (so if you find any typos, I’m going to say I meant to do that).

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DVMS Staff Profile: Noeleen Gibbons, Lower Elementary Guide

By Jason Phillips

I have a special place in my heart for Noeleen. You know how there’s just some people that get your ridiculous sense of humour, who pick up on carry on your lame jokes, well Noeleen’s one of those people for me. She’s also a phenomenal Montessori guide. Get to know Noleen: where she’s from, how she got here, and her thoughts on the present and future of Montessori. Maybe one day we’ll publish the full interview, including all of our childish jokes and digs at each other.

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DVMS Dad Profile: Dr. Neeraj Lakhanpal

By Jason Phillips

NeerajDVMS Montessori Dad Dr. Neeraj Lakhanpal, MD, is the Co-Chief of Anaesthesia at Milton District Hospital. The Lakhanpal family have three children at DVMS and are always willing to volunteer at events, as drivers, or to slog through organizing the Scholastic order forms. They are also strong supporters of Montessori education, and of holistic, peaceful development — a wonderful match.

Neeraj is a busy man, with a demanding job and three active kids, but he’s always so calm whenever we see him at the school. Read on to find out how he does it, why he and his wife chose Montessori at DVMS for their kids, and how you, too, can learn to be as calm as Neeraj.

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DVMS Staff Profile: Janice Egan, French Language Specialist

By Jason Phillips

Janice Egan is the French Language Specialist at the Upper Elementary level at DVMS, and for the adolescent students at Strata Montessori Adolescent School. One adolescent girl describes Janice as her favourite because she is “feisty.” We couldn’t think of a better description… well, maybe smart as a whip, dedicated, and uber-reliable would work, but we’ll just stick with feisty.

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Meditation Event

[Please, click here to RSVP for this event]

NeerajNeeraj Lakhanpal is Co-chief of Anaesthesia at Milton District Hospital (and a DVMS Dad) and has been a resident of Dundas for more than 10 years.  He joins the ranks of a growing number of doctors worldwide who recommend the Transcendental Meditation technique (or TM) to their patients.

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By Tony Evans


DVMS and Strata Montessori School, in partnership with the Art Gallery of Hamilton, would like to invite you to the premier Hamilton screening of Watermark on Wednesday, January 29th, at 7:00 pm, at Landmark Cinemas 6 in Jackson Square, downtown Hamilton. The artist and the filmmakers will all be there.

Watermark is a beautiful film about the profound effect water has on humanity and humanity has on water. We are hoping that the DVMS/Strata community can come together to support this remarkable, visionary film based on the world renowned photography of Edward Burtinsky.

From the Globe and Mail review:

It is an immersive version of his ravishing photographs: thrilling, terrifying and enraging all at once. Baichwal and her editors have staged the film as a series of tiny mysteries, dropping us into landscapes and then parsing out clues to help us figure out where we are. She plays with silence and sound like a symphony.

The last film made by these filmmakers, Manufactured Landscapes, won for Best Canadian Feature at the Toronto Film Festival a few years ago. Watermark may be even more powerful and beautiful. (Bias alert – filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nick de Pencier happened to be two of my closest friends.)

If you didn’t already click the link above, please check out the preview here.

DVMS Casa Staff on Sleep, Technology, and Executive Functions

By Dylan Hudecki, Elizabeth Flenniken, and Pat Stephens

On our last PD day, we attended the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers conference and were immediately inspired by several different speakers. Continue reading