DVMS 2019.2020 Re-Enrolment

Creating a Culture of Giving

DVMS and Strata are considered to be amongst Canada’s most authentic high fidelity Montessori schools. It is due to the tremendous support of families, like yours, that we have created this remarkable community built on character, kindness, and capacity.

In this spirit, we ask you to join us in our commitment to Montessori education by supporting our adolescent program at Strata. Since 2011, DVMS has covered the losses that were anticipated as part of the launching of Strata. With the growth of expenses at DVMS, particularly around the development of our French, Learning Resource, and Upper Elementary Programs, this arrangement is no longer possible. A contribution to Strata will allow both DVMS and Strata to thrive.

We are hoping all of you would be willing to contribute on a monthly basis to help support Strata. Whatever you can manage. Our goal is to have every family be part of this initiative. All donations are tax deductible and will allow us to keep our tuitions affordable at both of our schools – which is essential to our commitment to accessibility.

We are also hoping (really really hoping) that some of you will consider Strata in any significant philanthropy you, or your family, may be considering in the coming year. These can be from larger monthly donations, securities (we have had several grandparents offer these in the last year), or the offer of ‘scholarships’ for those students who couldn’t otherwise afford Strata. For those of you who are interested we would be happy to speak with you further. To make an appointment email admin@stratamontessori.ca to set up an appointment.

Recently, a family who, like you, shares our vision of making our schools the best that they can be, came to us and generously offered to match donations from our community. We are deeply grateful.

Our staff’s commitment to Montessori goes beyond our school. Tony Evans serves as chair of the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators, sits on The Early Years Advisory Council for the Ministry of Education, and has been recently developing a public Montessori based high school for our students when they leave Strata. In the last year, many of our staff have been involved as speakers, consultants, trainers, and accreditors. As always, their greatest effort is directed towards bettering our schools, and creating incredible environments where your children can thrive.

Since DVMS first opened its doors a little over 15 years ago, we have been committed to creating the finest possible Montessori School. We have been joined on this journey by an incredible community of teachers, families, and children. Now that DVMS and Strata are established, we need your help to make our schools sustainable so that our grandchildren have the same opportunities.

One of our parents, Lindsay Palmer, has created an incredible video that tells the ‘Story of Strata,’ through the voices and experiences of our students. Take a few minutes and find out why this school is the future of adolescent education — and why we need your help.

To give to Strata start here – then click on the ‘Make this a Monthly Donation’ box.

Please complete your DVMS 2019.2020 Re-Enrolment form(s) below. Thank you.

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