2 thoughts on “2014-2015 Elementary Fee Schedule

  1. Helena DeBruyn

    I would like more information on your program and enrollment options; if there is space for the upcoming school year? I have two children, ages 5&7. Thanks

    1. dundasmontessori

      Hi Helena,

      I believe you left a phone message the other day — we received it and it is in the hands of our administrator. We started summer vacations this week, so replies will be delayed.

      Unfortunately, I believe our programs are full for next year at the levels your children would be in. If there have been any changes to that, our administrator would know. Her name is Skye and I will forward this thread to her attention.

      Thank you, so much, for inquiring with us. We believe we offer one of the best education options available, at one of the most affordable prices possible for non-public education. We will be in touch.

      Take care,



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