Kristy Bio

Kristy Adams

Kristy is the co-guide in the DVMS Toddler Community. She has fond memories of her early years as a student at Cambridge Montessori School, way back in the 70s. Once she completed her Honors BA in English Literature, she knew she was destined for some sort of career in Montessori. She attended the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto and attained her AMI Primary training in 1998 (where she and DVMS administrator Holly first met).

After staying home for a few years with her children, she was given the opportunity to start a Toddler Room at a local Montessori school in Waterdown. Eventually, Kristy took a tour at DVMS (at Holly’s persistence) and loved the feeling of community which was so evident in every aspect of the school.

Kristy, her husband Ben, and their four children reside in Waterdown; their children attend the Lower and Upper Elementary levels at DVMS and the adolescent program at Strata Montessori Adolescent School.

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