Lisa D Bio

Lisa Draper

Lisa is the Assistant in the DVMS Toddler Community, runs our Before school program, and will become the Lower Elementary

South Assistant when Catherine goes on her maternity leave and Shannon returns from hers (the joys of well-trained

Montessorians). She was born and raised in the Niagara region and moved to Toronto to perform her American Montessori

Society Casa training at Sheridan College, her Lower Elementary training at the Toronto Montessori Institute, and is

M.A.C.T.E. accredited. Lisa began her teaching career at Kew Park Montessori School in Toronto where she taught at the

Casa level for 3 years; she then taught 2 years in Lower Elementary before having her first child. She moved to Ancaster

with her husband and 2nd baby on the way in 2008. After staying home with her two children for a number of years, Lisa

returned to teaching in 2010 at the Casa and Toddler levels. Lisa enjoys using her Hamilton conservation pass with her

family to either hike or bike the Dundas trails, normally stopping for a snack of her homemade muffins.

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