Lisa S-Q Bio

Lisa Savard-Quong

Lisa is the French Specialist in the DVMS Casa and Casa Dei Bambini programs. Having grown up in Montreal under a bilingual roof, Lisa is thrilled to be introducing a second language into the classroom and gives daily lessons en français. Although Lisa is new to Montessori, she has benefited first hand from alternative and forward thinking education all of her life. As a youngster living in the prairies, Lisa attended a community oriented elementary school in Edmonton that prided itself on independent and adventurous learning. After moving to Montreal to embrace her Quebecois roots, Lisa enrolled in F.A.C.E., a fine arts school in the heart of downtown. Unbeknownst to the bright-eyed adolescent, high school would present amazing opportunities: producing her own live theatre and belting Mozart at the top of her lungs. After completing her Diplôme d’études Collégiales (DEC) in Professional Theatre from Dawson College, Lisa continued to create independent theatre while simultaneously traveling and working in fashion. Since moving to Ontario, Lisa has enjoyed working closely with people with special needs. From her home and in the community, Lisa always strives to facilitate both balanced and stimulating opportunities for those in her care. While she still enjoys performing, most of her free time is now spent writing and producing music. You are most likely to find her and her scraggly dog Arthur exploring the surrounding escarpment near their new home in Hamilton. Lisa knows how a passionate and supportive school setting can bestow wonder and joy upon young minds and couldn’t be happier to take part in fostering life-long learners through the amazing DVMS family.

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