Tony Bio

Tony Evans

A little over 10 years ago Tony Evans had some babies and realized his career as a rock star (mostly in his own mind) was over. In his search for a new career that would allow him access to both his unique, passionate spirit and the fact that he had no interest in acting like a grown up, Tony went back to the beginning. He was a Montessori student from the age of 3, in Hamilton, and found a job as a Montessori assistant in a school on Toronto Island. One thing led to another and a few years after graduating as an Elementary guide in Bergamo, Italy, Tony was running the elementary program at Dearcroft, one of the most well established Montessori schools in Canada. Always the naive idealist, Tony determined he would start his own school built on a pure commitment to Montessori philosophy. Dundas Valley Montessori School has grown from 8 children to almost 200; from a small apartment above an abandoned greenhouse to a 28,000 square foot school on 5.2 acres of property. Though proud of his school, he recognizes that he is only responsible for creating an environment in which this school could flourish, and that the true path to the success of DVMS was created through a commitment to the Montessori fundamentals of faith, humility, diligence, community, and unconditional love.