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Events and Info: Nov. 16 – 20 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

Update Nov13 2015 Intro

Don’t look now, but Casa North’s Shalyn is about to have a baby.

As many of you know, Casa North’s Shalyn is very much pregnant. Friday is her last day of work before she heads off on maternity leave. We’re wishing Shalyn a quick delivery and a happy, healthy year off. We will let you know when there is an announcement to announce!

Dawn Larsh, who you all know from the dismissal gate at the end of the day, will be moving into Casa North full time for the duration of Shalyn’s leave. Dawn completed her Montessori Assistant training two years ago and will be a lovely, familiar presence for the children in Casa North.

Update Nov13 2015 Justin

Justin Metz

You may have seen a new face at the dismissal gate this week. Justin Metz will be taking over many of Dawn’s roles at DVMS, including afterschool care. DVMS Elementary children know Justin from Luna, where he has led a number of adventures with them. Be sure to say “Hi” to Justin and to introduce yourselves.
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