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Lower Elementary North Update: Week of April 6, 2015

You will notice that starting with this one, the update posts are being scaled back. Our goal was to provide a more detailed glimpse into the DVMS Montessori environments to see what your children are up to, learn a little bit more about Montessori materials, how they’re used, and their purpose, and to create a collection of posts that can be combined to offer the general public an idea of what Montessori is and how it works.

Look for some new features coming to your monthly “Events and Information” newsletter.

Read on to see what’s been going on in Lower North lately.

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Lower Elementary North Update: Week of February 9, 2015

LEN WkFeb9 2015 bframe

Working on two-digit multiplication with Jodi and the Montessori Flat Bead Frame.

There has been a lot of math work in Lower Elementary North recently, a veritable “math explosion” as guide Jodi put it. Read on to see all the different ways our Montessori Lower Elementary students learn math.

“This is a later piece of math material in Lower Elementary Montessori,” said Jodi. “It takes place just before abstraction. It’s reminiscent of the Large and Small Bead Frames, which are standing and kind of look like an abacus — like this Flat Bead Frame too. Here, he’s doing double-digit multiplication and it no longer has our green, blue, and red benchmarks on the beads for units, tens, hundreds, and thousands, and it goes a little bit higher than the other Bead Frames, all the way to the hundred millions, so it allows for greater number exploration. Yeah, fun!”

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O Canada

Congratulations to Sylvia, the Montessori French Specialist for DVMS Lower Elementary and Strata: Montessori Adolescent School, who is now an official Canadian, eh!

Lower Elementary North Update: Week of January 12, 2015

LEN wkJan12 2015 paint

Painting in preparation for their field trip to the “Paul Suzanne” exhibit at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

As our Lower Elementary parents know, and have probably heard all about, DVMS Lower Elementary students ventured to the Art Gallery of Hamilton this week to see the Paul Cezanne (or as one student referred to him: Paul Suzanne) exhibit.

“It was great,” said Lower North guide Jodi. “The art gallery was amazing. We did some pre-emptive learning about Cezanne in class, and they practised their still-life painting in class, but they also got the chance to do some still-life painting while there, as well as learning a lot more about Cezanne, and other paintings and the different types of paintings, how paintings need balance, how with landscapes you jump into the painting — they always have a point of jumping in. We had a great time overall and the kids, I think, walked away with a lot more knowledge on the subject, and are coming to us with questions about other artists.”

See this week’s Lower Elementary South update for pictures of their experience at the AGH.

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Lower Elementary North Update: Week of Dec. 8, 2014

LEN WkDec8 2014 temp

Taking the temperatures of soil and water to learn the cooling process.

This week, we talked with DVMS Lower Elementary North guide Jodi about all the goings on in our very busy Lower Elementary program. We captured the two girls above in the midst of a science experiment, which Jodi tells us is a big part of Lower North lately.

“They are trying to research which substance cools faster, soil or water,” Jodi explained. They put dishes of water and soil under a lamp for 15 minutes, turn off the lamp, and measure the rates of temperature decline.

“This is just one aspect,” Jodi continued, “but a lot of our science experiments stem from our geography and our Great Lesson in geography. We start with the big picture and work our way all the way into earth and water and all those fine, nitty-gritty things.”

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Lower Elementary North Update: Week of Nov. 10, 2014

LEN WkNov10 2014 Jodi

Getting a little math help from Jodi.

“This is the exciting part of my job,” said Jodi this week of her transition to guiding Lowe Elementary North. “I all of a sudden get to work again with some of the Casa children I previously worked with, and the girl above is one of those children I worked with two years ago. It’s been nice to watch them grow from teeny little people into these Elementary children who are doing all this fabulous math and other work.”

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Lower North Update: Oct. 27-31 2014

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This past week was the first in Lower North since Rob retired. We’re sure the memories of Rob’s surprise retirement party are still fresh, and if you haven’t seen the video of the surprise, take a look:

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Lower North Update: Oct. 14 – 17 2014

Don’t forget, the DVMS Parent Community Dinner is coming up on Saturday, October 25. Please click here for details and tickets.

Also, please remember that school photo orders are due on October 24.

LEN WkOct14 2014 worms

Carol is showing some of our Lower Elementary Montessori kids how composting works. Worms!!

Lower North is starting to take on the process of making their community stronger.

“The honeymoon phase is over,” said Rob of the Lower North environment, “and we’re now learning about community and how our actions can affect each other. They’re getting a little bit louder and getting a bit more distracted, and being the distractors, so we’re learning about respect and how they interact with each other and understand each other when they are working together, or working by themselves — being aware of what they’re doing so that they are not a distraction to someone else.”

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Lower North Update: Sept. 29 – Oct 3 2014

Lower North enjoyed a visit from Strata Montessori Adolescent School guide Chris recently, who brought some cool gross stuff from the Strata bee hives.

Read on for pics and details.

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Lower North Update: Sept. 15-19 2014

LEN WkSept15 2014 lines

A presentation on lines.

The Lower Elementary Montessori environments are very vibrant places, even this early in the school year. The students above are reviewing some geometry.

“We were talking about all the lines that they knew; they came up with all the lines as a group. From that, we wrote them down and they drew the particular lines that correlated with what we had written down,” said Lower North Montessori guide Rob.

“It wasn’t necessarily me giving them a lesson, it was a linkage,” Rob continued, “and this month is all about linkages from the previous year and going into more complex presentations.”  Continue reading