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DVMS Toddler Community Update: June 6, 2016

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We hope you enjoyed the incredible weekend. We had a full week in our Toddler Community last week: the beautiful weather, together with caring for the bunnies and the anticipation of Kate departing on her adventure made it a very speedy week.

With only three weeks left of school there is a general hum of activity in the environment that is quite pleasant to see. At times, all the children are working away and assisting each other as if the guides are not even present. It is a beautiful sight indeed.

Christine Komarnycky is here in the mornings to help out while Kate is away. All of the children are quite familiar with Christine and we are very lucky to have her join us until the end of school.

As we wind up over the next couple of weeks, we remind everyone to lather on the sunscreen in the morning (we will re-apply in the afternoons) and to send hats. A few parents have asked for the recipe of our homemade sunscreen. I hope to get that out to everyone this week.

Enjoy this glorious Spring weather.

Kristy, Lisa, and Christine!



DVMS Toddler Community Update: May 30, 2016

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We hope you enjoyed the lovely and warm weekend.

We were so pleased that we were able to go ahead with our Garden Party on Friday. It was wonderful to see so many parents and grandparents come out and support our Toddler Community. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. You’ll see some pictures of the event attached.

As we said at the Garden Party, please take a chance to check your child’s cubby and exchange winter changes of clothes for summer ones. Please also see if your child needs more diapers (for nap) and pass any clothing that isn’t your child’s to us and we will attempt to find the correct owner.

This past week was spent enjoying our lovely warm weather and figuring out how to take care of our new rabbits. The children are enjoying feeding and watering the rabbits daily and cutting up extra fruit and veg to share. Many of the children spend a good deal of time outside the rabbit cage simply watching the rabbits do their activities. These pets have been a great addition to our garden.

We also made a great deal of food for the garden party. On Wednesday, we made 10 loaves of banana bread, using our muscles to stir the dough in a huge metal bowl. The children love to bake and are getting very good at measuring, cracking eggs, and taking turns stirring.

Kate will leave on Thursday this week for Denver, Colorado, where she will attend the Montessori Institute and take the foremost Association Montessori Internationale training in Assistance to Infancy (ages 0-3). We will miss her while she is gone but look forward to her sharing all that she has learned when she is back in August. Christine Komarnycky will be filling in for Kate while she is away. Christine has been with us throughout the year as our substitute teacher and knows all the children very well. Christine comes to us with over 25 years Montessori teaching experience at all levels and we are privileged to have her with us for the last three weeks of school.

As always, we invite you to check Seesaw regularly as we post pictures almost daily. We hope you are enjoying this new communication tool as much as we do.

Best wishes in the week to come.


Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.

DVMS Toddler Community Update: May 25, 2016

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We hope you all had lovely long weekends enjoying the outside and the gorgeous weather.

A few notes after our first day back:

Please remember to sunscreen your child before school. When we go out at 10:30 we won’t be reapplying unless you let us know it will be necessary or we see that they are getting pink. Also, please remember to send a hat and, when possible, light long sleeves and pants for coverage.

We ask that you send your child in closed-toed outdoor shoes (Keen type sandals are great). As our outdoor space has a mulch and pebble floor, opened toed shoes are dangerous, not to mention — frustrating — as opened toed shoes tend to fill up with mulch.

Finally, we are very excited to see everyone on Friday, May 27, at 2:45-3:45 for our Toddler Garden Party for parents and grandparents. Please rsvp to toddler@dvms.ca for all that will be attending for your family so we can get numbers for snacks and space. We invite you to bring a picnic blanket with you if you have one as tables and chairs will be limited.

All the best in your week ahead,

Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.

DVMS Toddler Community Update: May 9, 2016

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We finally saw some sun today and spent a great deal of time outside. The children love their toddler garden. Today we made muffins and had snack outside and enjoyed our rock and root free hill. We also had Louie’s dad, Jackson, in to do bird calls with us and tell us about the birds in our area. The children were thrilled.

The rest of our week was full as well as the children got their hands on the new materials in the class, particularly enjoying the first aid kit and the new butterfly art activities. We got out the bubbles for some outdoor fun and chased after a rather large toad for a little while outside.

As you know we use very precise language with the children as much as possible. You may find that they are really interested in this precision at home. We have been working a lot with identifying bird names at school and so the children know that there are many different types of birds and a few children are now identifying cardinals, chickadees, blue jays and woodpeckers independently. We encourage you, as much as possible, to identify and name things as precisely as you can for your child. They love this precise language and you will here it echoed back the more you use it.

Please keep checking Seesaw for up to date pictures and videos and please let us know if you are having trouble accessing it.

On a final note, with the weather getting sunnier and warmer please remember to sunscreen your child prior to dropping them at school in the morning and please send them with a sun hat. We will reapply sunscreen as needed. For those children new in January, please send a water bottle that we can keep at school for outside use.

Have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms.

All the best,

Kate, Kristy, and Lisa.