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Upper East Update: Oct. 27-31 2014

UEE WkOct27 2014 pres

Upper East students working with the Montessori Human Interdependency material.

Upper East students have been working with a simple but powerful material recently, the Human Interdependency cards. Upper East guide Terrence explained what it is and how it works:

“This is about the fourth or fifth lesson with this material,” said Terrence of the image above. “It starts off with three of the character cards and it’s like we’re in medieval times. The first one asks ‘How do we get our bread?’ and we talk about the baker, then ‘Where does the baker get his materials to bake the bread? He has to go to the miller.’ Then, ‘Well where does the miller go to get the wheat?’ He has to go to the farmer. For the first few lessons everything seems to lead to the farmer”

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