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Upper Elementary East SeeSaw Posts: Jan. 2017

Our Upper Elementary East Montessori students have had a fun and educational start to 2017. Here’s what was shared with their parents.


Upper Elementary East SeeSaw Posts: Dec. 2016

Upper East Montessori guide Terrence Millie shared a few great shots with his students’ parents in December.

Upper Elementary East Seesaw Posts: Nov., 2016

Enjoy some of the lovely Montessori moments captured by our Upper Elementary East guides and shared over the past month. Food, science, lizards, exchange students, campaigning and voting, Montessori materials and learning, dancing, and Terrence in a pig costume — good month.

November in Upper East

Dear Upper East Families,
The first term is moving right along and we are taking advantage of the good weather and opportunities that arise.  Today, for example, we made a quick hike down to Govenor’s Road and Ogilvie to watch the running of the salmon.  Next Wednesday, we will attend the Remembrance Day service at the cenotaph in Dundas.

Update Nov5 2015 UE 2

Novel Study presentation prep work in Upper East.

November is an exciting month because we have received our novel study books and have begun reading and studying the novels.  The reading schedules have been recorded in the agendas and it is important for each student to keep up with the group reading so that they can fully participate in the duscussions and activities that happen when we meet.

Our activity for November is Dance and it will be held here at DVMS.  Be sure your child has a water bottle and comfy clothes to move in.  Check the online calendar for dates and times.

Update Nov5 2015 UE 3

Studying steam power with balloons on a zip line in Upper Elementary.

Steam journal continues to have momentum in the Upper Elementary classrooms and your children can share stories about their creations and experiments.  This week they built zipline vehicles and next week we will carry out experiments with ice balloons (think frozen water balloons).

Remember tomorrow is a PD day.

Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards,

Terrence & Janice

Upper Elementary East Update: Week of Jan. 19, 2015

UEE WkJan19 2015 mathpres

Squaring with the Montessori Peg Board

The Montessori math materials were out in force in Upper Elementary East this week, as well as some other fun activities, of course. Above, Terrence is giving a presentation with the Montessori Peg Board.

“This is the Montessori Peg Board and we’re using it in a different way,” said Terrence. “They’ve used it before for other math activities, but now we’re moving from using Montessori Bead Bars, that they’ve used since they were little ones, to using pegs on a peg board to represent thousands, hundreds, tens, and units. They’re able to build the square with fewer objects, but to make those objects represent more quantity than they did before. We’re going to larger numbers. They’re learning the patterns for squaring the number, which will come back to be the binomial equation. We build it with numbers and later, when we move on to algebra, we’ll be able to plug in the algebraic equation.”

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Upper Elementary East Update: Week of Nov. 17, 2014

Many of you have seen the “First Flight” video on our Facebook page and pictures from the Remembrance Day ceremony; above is a short video of the Upper Elementary peace dove on it’s way to the ceremony last week. Terrence explained how it all came about.

“Last year we did some work with music about Remembrance Day, some old time war songs,” said Terrence. “This year we were talking about what to do and remembering not just the people who fought but also our wish to have peace. We talked about the symbols for peace and I’d seen plans to make a giant puppet of a peace dove and suggested we could make it and fly it down to the cenotaph on Remembrance Day. The children thought that was pretty neat so I brought in the plans and we went ahead and built it.”

Children from both Upper Elementary classes collaborated on the construction.

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Upper East Update: Oct. 27-31 2014

UEE WkOct27 2014 pres

Upper East students working with the Montessori Human Interdependency material.

Upper East students have been working with a simple but powerful material recently, the Human Interdependency cards. Upper East guide Terrence explained what it is and how it works:

“This is about the fourth or fifth lesson with this material,” said Terrence of the image above. “It starts off with three of the character cards and it’s like we’re in medieval times. The first one asks ‘How do we get our bread?’ and we talk about the baker, then ‘Where does the baker get his materials to bake the bread? He has to go to the miller.’ Then, ‘Well where does the miller go to get the wheat?’ He has to go to the farmer. For the first few lessons everything seems to lead to the farmer”

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Awesomers Win DVMS Hockey Tournament

By: Ella Oster

On October 9, the Manticores sports teams had a hockey tournament. If you don’t know what the Manticores are, they’re the new sports teams the upper elementary kids are organizing. Anyway, everybody had a great time at the hockey tournament. Here are some pictures from the games:  Continue reading

Upper East Update: Oct. 14 – 17, 2014

Don’t forget, the DVMS Parent Community Dinner is coming up on Saturday, October 25. Please click here for details and tickets.

Also, please remember that school photo orders are due on October 24.

UEE WkOct14 2014 herbs

Herbs from the garden drying in the Upper East snack area.

Upper East has some beautiful bunches of herbs hanging in the environment right now.

“The herbs are from the garden we designed and built last year,” said Terrence, “and now they’ve harvested what was there and are drying it up and are going to put them into jars and develop different kinds of teas. We’ll also use it as seasoning when we’re cooking. We have sage, lemon balm, and mint.”

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Upper East Update: Sept. 29 – Oct 3 2014

Upper East will be having a student teacher in the environment soon.

“Her name is Maria,” said Terrence, “and she will be here right after the Thanksgiving break, for two weeks. It’s a teaching practice, so she will be interacting with the kids.”

An Upper East student demonstrated a fantastic example of stewardship of nature, and bravery, this week.

Read on for a step-by-step gallery of the scene.

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