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Upper Elementary West Update: Week of Jan. 19, 2015

UEW WkJan19 2015 birds

Upper West is going to the birds, and they’re bringing bird feeders.

Some Upper Elementary West students worked with Anna this week to make some bird feeders.

“We’ve been talking about our responsibilities not only to ourselves and our indoor environment, but also our outdoor environment and our outdoor friends,” said Kathleen, “especially at this time of year when they need us most. When they were done they went and hung them up all over the playground in hopes to help our little birdy friends.”

Keep your eyes open when you’re picking up, we may be fortunate enough to have many more birds sharing our space.

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Upper Elementary West Update: Week of Nov. 17, 2014

A treat this week. You get to sit in on a Montessori presentation as Kathleen introduces the concept of Pi to a group of Upper Elementary students. We hope you learn something too.

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Upper West Update: Oct. 27-31 2014

UEW WkOct27 2014 novel 1

DVMS Upper Elementary students began a novel study unit this week, and many comfortable spots to read were discovered.

“We have five novel study groups,” explained Kathleen about the structure of the DVMS Upper Elementary novel study unit that started this week, and how in true Montessori fashion “we divided them based on interest; we mixed the year 4, 5, and 6 students, and we mixed the classes together so that they have an opportunity to do a literature circle with friends from the other class.”

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Awesomers Win DVMS Hockey Tournament

By: Ella Oster

On October 9, the Manticores sports teams had a hockey tournament. If you don’t know what the Manticores are, they’re the new sports teams the upper elementary kids are organizing. Anyway, everybody had a great time at the hockey tournament. Here are some pictures from the games:  Continue reading

Upper West Update: Oct. 14 – 17, 2014

Don’t forget, the DVMS Parent Community Dinner is coming up on Saturday, October 25. Please click here for details and tickets.

Also, please remember that school photo orders are due on October 24.

UEW WkOct14 2014 math

An introduction to the next step in numeracy — decimals!

“Upper West has been busy,” said Kathleen about the past two weeks, “but a good busy; there is a hum.”

New Upper students have been venturing into new areas of learning. Above are two first year Uppers using the Montessori Yellow Decimal Board material.

“We started off by reviewing the categories — units, tens, hundreds, thousands — that they already know, then I introduce tenths, hundredths, thousandths, tens of thousandths, hundreds of thousandths, and millionths. I’ll say, ‘If I had a cookie and I break it into a million pieces and I gave you one, would you be happy with your share of the cookie? — no.’

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Upper West Update: Sept. 29 – Oct 3 2014

The past week in Upper West has seen a great project underway that involved the students creating their own island nations.

“I wanted a fun way to introduce geography,” said Upper West guide Kathleen, “all aspects of geography.”

Read on to see pics and find out more.

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Winter Clothes Swap at DVMS

Hi Parents,
Emily and Allegra decided that they should do a winter clothes swap instead of a clothes drive, so parents don’t have to spend money on new winter wear.
They will start on the 6th and do it  until the 8th of  October; it will be from 8:25 – 9:00 and 3:25 – 4:30 (on  the stage).
The extra will go to charity. Please bring your family’s old winter clothes.
Thank you,
Emily and Allegra.

Kids vs. Teachers Soccer Game and Bake Sale Oct. 22

Dear Parents,

Claire MacKinnon and I, Ella Oster, are doing a Kids vs. Teachers Soccer Game and Bake Sale. If your kid(s) are interested in participating in the game it is $3.00 per person to play. You or your kid(s) can sign up near the gates at dismissal, the sign up sheet will be available on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, and the actual event will be on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 2:00 – 3:00.

We would really appreciate it if you could bake a treat and bring it in on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, for the bake sale.

We do have people with nut allergies in the school, so if you can bring nut free treats in that would be great. The event will be held on the soccer field on the playground.

All the proceeds are going to “Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation” which is a foundation that is dedicated entirely to Childhood Cancer.

Thanks, and hopefully we will see you at the soccer game.


Ella Oster & Claire MacKinnon

Upper West Update Sept. 15-19 2014

We’ve done things a little bit differently with this set of Upper Elementary updates. Upper East’s update is an interview with some children new to DVMS this year. Upper West’s is a chat with DVMS Upper Elementary guides Kathleen and Terrence that gives an insight into how they balance curriculum delivery with Montessori’s insistence that we “follow the child.” Be sure to take a look at both.

Gallery below, Upper West kids at The Luna Project:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Upper West 2014.15 Week 1 Update

UEW WkSept2 2014 luna1

Just hangin’ around at Luna.

“We’ve had a very smooth transition back to school this year,” said Upper West Montessori guide Kathleen. “The students all seem happy to be back and to be back to work.” Continue reading