A Sense of Community

At Dundas Valley Montessori School we nurture the whole child, and this means creating a community in which the child can feel comfortable. Parents come on field trips and are encouraged to stay and get to know each other at the end of the day. It is a major advantage to a small school – each child is perceived, understood, and responded to as an individual. They are cared for by the staff, and by the community as a whole, and this allows them the confidence to develop into their own best selves.

A Faith in the Child

Within each child there is an individual engaged in a process of constant development. At most educational institutions, the child is perceived as a bottle waiting to be filled by the teacher. This does not allow for independence or creative thinking, and sets a distance between the child and the teacher. Instead, a child is like a seed that given the right environment will flower. At DVMS, we allow the child to grow at their own rate according to their own needs.

A True Montessori

We run an authentic, CCMA accredited Montessori program. There is no patent or copyright on the Montessori method, and the name Montessori can be misused to represent an environment that is not a true Montessori school. CCMA accredited schools are assessed regularly to ensure they are meeting the standards of an authentic Montessori program.

A Thirst to be Better

If you speak to a member of our staff, or any of our parents, you will hear the passion that we feel for this school, the unwillingness to compromise the needs of the child, and the vision to slowly but clearly build the finest Montessori school in Canada.